Looking to add our unique style of boudoir and glamour photography to your portfolio? Or ready to start modeling and looking to jump right into glamour because fashion isn't your scene? If it's sexy, sultry, sweet or some combination, we can capture your look. Experienced with swimwear, lingerie, implied, and full nude, we can shoot in-studio in Indianapolis or on location elsewhere in central Indiana; with natural light, artificial light, or both. 

As a staff photographer for Exclusiv Magazine, I'm familiar with publication, if that's your goal. I've also been featured in Fass Lyfe and Cosplayzine as well as on the web by Elan Vital and Geek X Girls.

Interested in TFP? I happily consider all TFP offers. If you have a unique location or idea, I want to hear about it. Otherwise, the sexier or creepier you want to get, the more likely I am to be interested. I want to do something other people aren't doing!

Not interested in publication because you already have fans and are just looking for digital content and/or prints for resale? We can meet those needs, too.

Reach out to build a shoot that fits your style and your needs.

Book SpectraHD today.

Model Sabrina Dawnn implied topless for Exclusiv Magazine in studio boudoir downtown Indianapolis

Sabrina Dawnn for Exclusiv Magazine August 2018 in-studio boudoir shoot downtown Indianapolis

Sabrina Dawnn implied in-studio boudoir downtown Indianapolis. Other shots from this collaboration published in Exclusiv Magazine August '18.

Sabrina Dawnn for August 2018 Exclusiv Magazine nude boudoir downtown Indianapolis

B&W Indianapolis fitness model showing off pecs, biceps, triceps, and delts.

Fitness model in black and white bodyscape style showing off biceps, back, lats, and delts.

Indianapolis fitness model, Claudel, in black and white

Illinois model Jane Dillon in bridal boudoir

Jane Dillon in white lingerie and heels for bridal boudoir

Jane Dillon in white bra and panties for bridal boudoir

Jane Dillon in virgin white bridal boudoir lingerie

Danielle Lynn in boudoir with bra strap over her shoulder

Danielle Lynn in Victoria Secret bra panty set for glamour photography

Bombshell Danielle Lynn in Victoria Secret bra and panties for boudoir photography

Ohio model Dakota Lynn in black for glamour photography

Dakota Lynn with amazing legs in heels for boudoir photography

Dakota Lynn with gorgeous muscle tone in black for boudoir/glamour photography

Illinois model Jane Dillon in bridal boudoir flanked by Ohio model Dakota Lynn on the left and Alabama model Sarah Freeman on the right

Ohio model and Suicide Girl Acrux in the Irvington neighborhood of Indianapolis with thigh highs for glamour photography

Suicide Girl Acrux in Indianapolis wearing a black bra for boudoir

Inked model Acrux in Indianapolis shower for intimate, nude photography used for Patreon rewards

Model Kennedy in Broad Ripple alley, topless in leather jacket

Kennedy in Broad Ripple Indianapolis topless with leather jacket and Calvin Kleins

Broad Ripple-2945-Edit

Broad Ripple-2945-Edit

Kennedy in Broad Ripple Indianapolis with red lips and leather jacket

Kennedy in front of Broad Ripple Indianapolis graffiti (urban mural) topless with leather jacket, red lips, white Calvin Kleins, and jeans.

Arkansas model Brandi Nicole in red unicorn bikini for Elan Vital Magazine apparel shoot

Model Brandi Nicole in sunglasses and bikini for Elan Vital Magazine

Arkansas-based Elan Vital Unicorn Brandi Nicole in red bikini

Elan Vital apparel shoot with Kaitlyn Bland of Missouri

Model Kaitlyn Bland red unicorn bikini