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Sessions include:

Consultation in person or via video call

During the consultation, we talk about your wants, needs, and comfort levels

Personalized styling assistance

I will help you in selecting the best pieces from your own wardrobe or buying new pieces that will compliment you best

Posing direction

3 outfit changes (plus a nude or sheet set)

Approximately 1 hour of shooting

Editing & light retouching

$100 print credit

Products are sold separately

Want the glamour treatment?
Add professional hair and makeup for $200

See the FAQ below for more information


I don't look like the people on your website, is this for me?

The people on my website don't think they look like the people on my website! But obviously they do. The people on my website are scientists, Target addicts, wives, Colts fans, country chicks, Anthropologie shoppers, moms, and no different than you. I haven't shaved a single pound off any body on this website in Photoshop and as you can see, I don't need to.

How will you help me look my best?

Before the shoot, through our conversations, I will guide you to the best wardrobe choices. During the shoot, I will coach you on how to pose. After the shoot, I will edit your photos.  

How much editing will there be? I've got this part of me I really want Photoshopped.

While I fully edit the photos for technical things you don't need to worry about, I encourage you to embrace yourself as is and see the things you consider to be imperfections as part of who you are. I lightly retouch so that things like blemishes are gone. But if it will be there 6 months or 6 years from now, I consider it part of you and have no intention of removing it. If you want a more magazine look with full sculpting, you will likely prefer another photographer. That said, if there's just one or two photos where a heavier edit is requested, I can likely do that for an additional charge that is typically $25 per image.

Where will my session take place?

I no longer have a studio, so you provide the location. If your house is free of clutter and you want an in-home session, I do those. If you have land or a barn and want to do it there, I will likely be able to accommodate you. There are a few hotels in the area that I recommend if you don't have a suitable location. They are luxury options, and as such, are not available by the hour. Whichever location you want, you book it. 

Why do you no longer have a studio?

For many reasons. The first and most obvious is the studio I occupied until 2019 was sold. Also, I get creatively stagnant shooting in the same place. I have seen countless studios from every angle imaginable and am proud that my portfolio is diverse in its settings. A third major reason is I wasn't happy with the accessibility of my studio. I welcome all bodies and my studio wasn't easy to get to for people with mobility disabilities. 

Can I bring props?

Probably. I don't allow firearms due to insurance purposes. And people tend to want to use props to hide behind. They don't even always realize it. If you want something like your husband's work shirt or jersey, I don't consider that a prop, so no problem. If you want handcuffs, a crop, or a tail, that's perfect. If you want a guitar or snowboard so you can hide behind it, I'll let you bring the prop but I won't let you hide behind it. 

Do I have to be nude?

Absolutely not. I will respect your boundaries whether you decide you want to be fully clothed, fully nude, or somewhere in between. I do find that most people want to push their comfort zone a bit during this experience and this is a safe place to do that. My shooting area is a judgment-free zone.

Who is going to see these photos? Will I end up on your website or social media?

You are in control of who sees your photos. Yes, I want to share success and empowerment stories, but only with your consent. Everyone you see on this website or on any of my social media has proudly allowed me to share their images. I understand that because of your employment, your own modesty, or any other number of reasons that you might not want your face and/or name publicly displayed. I respect that and will not violate your trust.

What are the products and how much do they cost?

All images, whether print, wall art, album, or digital are sold separately from the session. The session fee includes a $100 credit that applies toward traditional prints, wall art, or albums. It does not apply to digital images.

  • Albums - starting at 5" - starting at $350

  • Prints - staring at 4x6" - starting at $50

  • Metals  - starting at 16x24" - starting at $400

  • Digital Images - starting at 5 image collections - starting at $100/image

    • Full resolution 

    • No watermark 

    • Print release

When will I get my photos?

You will see images on the back of the camera as I shoot, but after ordering anticipate editing, album design, and order of your custom artwork to take 4-8 weeks.

What is the cancellation policy?

If you cancel after submitting your retainer, but before 10 days before the session, you forfeit any special offers and can apply 100% of your retainer to a new session.
If you cancel after submitting your retainer and within 10 days of your session, you forfeit any special offers and can apply 50% of your retainer to a new session.

I have worked with Michael on a couple different occasions and each time he was extremely nice and courteous. He is very professional and has excellent communication before, during, and after the photoshoot. His photos are beautiful and he has an amazing eye. 

Alaina | Indianapolis, Indiana


"I say if I'm beautiful. I say if I'm strong. You will not determine my story—I will."

Amy Schumer

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